Toku Lyrics List

I realized that searching through this entire blog to find one particular song would probably really irritating, so now this page exists. Now you can just do a CTRL+F search to find a specific song. And if there’s a song you want me to do on here, comment on this page and I’ll probably get it done. Anime lyrics can be found here, and other lyrics are here. Continue reading “Toku Lyrics List”


Over “Quartzer” TV Size lyrics and translation

Shuta Sueyoshi feat. ISSA – Over “Quartzer”

Haven’t even seen the first episode yet and already decided to do the OP. It’s just that good. Just the TV size for now, since that’s obviously all we’ve got.

Once the full comes out, I’ll probably remove this post and redo the song then. For now though, enjoy my sub-par translation of Over “Quartzer”. Continue reading “Over “Quartzer” TV Size lyrics and translation”